Hell's rebels


songbird's log

Enough is enough!
This Barzilae Thrune muppet they appointed to be the new mayor of Kintargo is ruining this beautiful city.
Some of his edicts were ok, but this started to get out of hand. I mean, it’s forbidden to use mint?? Who invents this?

And then he goes and closes down the opera. So I’m out of a job.
That’s why I decided to go and protest. But that didn’t go as planned.

Somehow I suspect Thrune wanted this to escalate, and took measures to ensure it.
In short: I’ve joined a rebellion with a bunch of like-minded people.
We’ve re-established the group called ‘the Silver Ravens’ and have taken an old hideout of the Bellflower Network as our HQ.
There’s a group of tengu rogues who’ve joined forces with us, and we’re trying to edjucate their adoptive sister, a corbi. (that’s another type of bird creature, although I thought it was a small dog)



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