Character creation


Character Creation Rules


  • Characters are 20-point buy
  • 300 gold can be used for starting equipment
  • Evil religions and diabolic faiths clash with the themes of the campaign, and as such, are not suggested.
  • Characters may be of any alignment except Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, or Chaotic Evil.

All races from the core rulebook are allowed. Alongside these, tiefling, tengu and aquatic elves are allowed. Other races from the advanced race book require approval.

Classes & Archetypes
All official pathfinder classes are allowed, including those from the Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Advanced Class Guide, Pathfinder Unchained, Occult Adventures, Ultimate Intrigue.
Each class is limited to a single archetype. For inspiration on archetypes that would be appropriate for this campaign I recommend reading the hell’s rebels player’s guide.

Traits are allowed, and required. Two traits must be chosen upon creation, and you may not select more than one from a single category. One trait must be selected from the campaign traits. Traits from any official source are viable.
You may choose a Drawback if you wish, but if chosen the drawback must be played out.

The following feats will work different in this campaign

Character creation

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